Boosting Creativity at Work: The Insta360 ONE RS 1 Experience

My assignment this morning was to take some creative shots of a team at work to be used on a website and other marketing material. We’ve done creative things before, but lately I’ve been eyeball-deep in website administration, and when I showed up this morning, I had none of my normal creative energy left. But as I was pulling my gear out of my car I remembered that I had this Insta360 ONE RS 1 in my bag, and I’d never actually used it for work (despite my work insisting on reimbursing me for its purchase).

Perfect, I thought. I’ll set it up and have everyone stand around it, doing poses.

First thing I had to do is quickly relearn how to use it, as I hadn’t touched the thing for months, and that was only after testing it out a few times to make sure it did what we wanted it to do: take photos inside small spaces with no people present.

When I originally got it, I was playing with the video it captured, and realized that not only was the video high quality but so was the microphone. I had pipe dreams of starting to vlog again, but that faded quickly as I realized I have no idea what to vlog about.

Today, however, it came in very handy, as it made up for my total lack of creative energy. That, and the team had enough creativity and energy to make up for the rest.

I need to play around with this camera more.

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