Mississippi River 2019 Flood: Impact on Davenport, Iowa

We’re experiencing some high water now on the Mississippi, but nothing compared to 2019, when the temporary dam broke and flooded a good section of Davenport, Iowa. I live in Rock Island, across from Davenport on the Illinois side.

There was no flooding in Rock Island. Our city was prepared. But that Peterson Paper Co. building pictured below is where my Buddhist group had been meeting, and the flood was the end of that.

Since then, Davenport has recovered, and this year the barrier they put up will be a lot harder to burst. Still, it boggles my mind that they don’t build something perminent, like on the Illinois side of the river.

Here’s from this year (took these a week or so ago). Not anywhere near as bad and you can see they erected some strong, wet-sand filled barriers.

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